LC, Bobbi and Cheechi have been friends longer than they haven't. All millennial stoners, who were tired of the "stigma" and ready to wear cannabis on their sleeves. But what they noticed was that there weren't many items that were feminine enough or fashionable enough for them to wear. They wanted an ode to their favorite plant, but there weren't many offerings and what was out there was cliche. So one day they lit up, and decided to create the products they themselves wanted to wear. 


And that is when Stigma and Style was born. S&S is a clothing and lifestyle brand dedicated to the millennial stoner. The girl or guy who loves to chill and enjoy the fashion in their life. We've set out to bring items that are catered to the smoke and chill lifestyle all on one platform. It's a happy place you'll feel at home and where you'll feel like the clothing was made for you, because it was created by best friends who enjoy the same things you do. 


So join us! Take a hit and promote green on your sleeve. It's time to break the stigma, and chill out in style.